Monday, October 14, 2013

TV Woos Latinos; ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ Escapes Disney;

 ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ Escapes Disney; TV Woos Latinos

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Escape from Tomorrow is a dark psychological thriller shot surreptitiously at Disneyland and Disney World. The filmmaker and his distributor talk with John Horn about how they avoided the wrath of Disney to release the film. Plus, with two new cable channels geared towards the young bilingual viewer we look at what’s working and what isn’t for Latinos on TV.


Hollywood News Banter 

Kim Masters and Michael Schneider, L.A. Bureau Chief of TV Guide Magazine discuss some of this week’s top entertainment news stories.
John Horn is away today.
- Katie Couric's talk show stumbles. What will she do next? The genre of news-feel good mix personality driven shows is not working, yet egos keep trying to be the exception.
- Twitter announces two TV initiatives looking to get in on TV's ad dollars. Twitter is now partnering with Nielson and Comcast (links imbedded in the shows and in links to the show), to include NBC and all Comcast programs. But tweets do not mean viewing or satisfied viewing? So what value is a tweet. But top watched shows are not tweeted about, while "Sharknado" and other duds get record tweets.
- Jeffrey Katzenberg offers $75 million for more Breaking Bad. The program would have short episodes on-line in webisode form (short form) for instant viewing in six minute increments. He owns "" on Youtube...and he is talking with other outlets. 99 cents on itunes anyone? Not likely, as Katzenberg does not own Breaking Bad...the network and syndicators do.


Escape From Tomorrow 

The Business contributor John Horn interviews filmmaker Randy Moore who surreptitiously shot his low-budget psychological thriller, Escape from Tomorrow, at Disney World and Disneyland. He lays out the details of how he pulled this off without arousing the suspicions of Disney officials.
Then he’s joined by his lawyer and his film’s distributor John Sloss who articulates the case for “fair use” and why Moore should be protected from legal action by Disney.



Latino Bilingual TV 

Journalist Carolina Miranda brings us this story. In the coming months two new cable channels aimed at the young bilingual Latino audience will launch. Fusion is a collaboration between ABC and Univision; and El Rey is in part the brainchild of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. They join the growing channels trying to reach this hard to find audience.




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