Monday, November 25, 2013

Acting and politics.

Actors come in all forms and political beliefs. 

One of my primary references, former first VP of SAG and leader of Unite for Strength (itself political as a reaction to the Membership First faction of SAG) Ned vaughn is running for California state office as a Republican. 

Former SAG National presidents Ronald Reagan and Charleton Heston are just two of the former heads of SAG and AFTRA who are or have been

Many of my best friends are Republican.

However health care SHOULD NOT BE looked upon as partician or political.

I have preexisting conditions and without Obamacare would not be able to get new insurance or be able to pay should anything ever go wrong under the pre-Obamacare laws.

Most of the members of SAG-AFTRA are insured through their spouse or individual policies, as most do not make what it takes to be vested under our excellent insurnace policies. Even those vested found some large charges and pre-existing conditions under their policies.

This site has always been pro-union, pro-member and pro-actor. Too many actors need health coverage to ignore the issue of health care reform.

Most actors do not have money, or give up careers to pursue their passion of acting. Those facts can be supported by statistics from the unions and the Federal Government.

We need access to healthcare that does not "say no" and that does not say "you pay on your own behond this...".

My apologies for those who have bought into the media coverage and battling forces that have turned what should be a right as an American into a partician political issue,

I hope you will continue to use and refer this site.

Very few of these political messages, other than pro-union messages and support, will appear on this site. But they are not violating the mission or the intent of its existence.

Solidarity and friendship.

-Art Lynch

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