Sunday, February 16, 2014

Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct

I write today to remind you of the “SAG-AFTRA’s Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct.” As you may recall, the NARC and the National Board have reviewed and approved SAG-AFTRA’s outreach to the personal management community by virtue of this voluntary agreement that will help promote honest and ethical relationships between the union’s members and those they choose to represent them as managers.

The document will be available to all those who are interested through our website and other social media, as well as through hard mail to personal managers for whom the union has contact information.   

During this process, we will be eliciting all manner of feedback from this community (and indeed from our own members) via a dedicated email address (  After the release of the draft Code has been digested by the community, we will continue our outreach by inviting all interested managers to participate in a broader discussion of the working document on December 9, 2013.  We intend this to be a true nationwide effort, as the National Board and the NARC directed.

Please remember: if you are approached by any constituent asking questions about the draft document, the Code is intended to be completely voluntary and protects both the personal management industry as well as SAG-AFTRA members by attempting to deepen the ties between managers and the union. Importantly: the Code does not, and is not intended to, interfere with any current or future relationships between members and their managers, nor does it create a conflict with the union’s franchised agency agreements. So, any manager refusing to sign on to the Code can still enter into a management relationship  with our members, provided those contracts are otherwise lawful in the State where the manager is operating.

We are excited to bring this long-standing effort of the union to fruition.  There will be challenges ahead, and almost certainly initial resistance, but we appreciate your unwavering support for this evolving program that has been requested and created by members.  We anticipate much helpful feedback and commentary from the affected stakeholders, and we plan to incorporate that input into the union’s deliberations on the final document.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any outstanding questions or if I can provide further clarity on the union’s efforts in this regard.

Zino Macaluso
National Director/Sr. Counsel
Agency Relations

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