Monday, November 4, 2013

The Armstrong Lie

Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall Talk Making 'The Armstrong Lie'

Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall Talk Making 'The Armstrong Lie'

MON NOV 4, 2013
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Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney and uber-producer Frank Marshall talk about how they were seduced by "the beautiful life" of Lance Armstrong while making an uplifting movie about his 2009 come back. The filmmakers go into detail about how they shelved that film then remade it -- adding new material -- to make their new movie, The Armstrong Lie.
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Hollywood News Banter 

Kim Masters and John Horn of the Los Angeles Times discuss some of this week's top entertainment news stories. 
- Hillary Clinton secures Hollywood backing should she run for president...she is seeking funds but will she get support and dollars in a youth centered industry. She is gaining people with verbal and early financial support, should she elect to run. Jeffrey Katzenberg and others who went to Obama when she ran against him, are now pledging support for Hillary. Still, it is too early to say since others have yet to even surface, on both sides, for the next presidential race.

- Disney insists Star Wars will be released in 2015 even though Kathleen Kennedy, the head of LucasFilm, wants to push it to 2016. It remains on the 2015 calendar. It has to be good, for the reputation of Disney and the franchise. The screenwriter dropped the film and Disney has told the head of LucasFilm no to pushing it back. Disney spent four billion dollars to buy the company, with a major portion of the Disney financial plan gambling on the success of the film in 2015. This is the opposite of the LucasFilm formula of we release not film before its time.

- Time Warner Cable reveals impact of month-long CBS blackout on its customer base. The 32 day blackout of CBS, over the fee Time Warner would pay to carry CBS, Showtime and other networks owned by CBS. Time Warner admitted "elevated customer disconnects", with a ten percent drop in  bundled packages. Turns out that there are other ways to get CBS. Who would have thought it. Yet cable bills keep going up.



Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall on 'The Armstrong Lie' 

Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall talk with Kim Masters about how they set out to make an uplifting film about Lance Armstrong's comeback ride in the 2009 Tour de France only to find that film too 'naive' to release. While in post production during 2010, Armstrong's former teammates went public with information about his doping. The filmmakers shelved the movie and waited. Then in October, 2012, the US Anti-Doping Association (USADA) released a detailed account of Armstrong's actions. The filmmakers then spent the better part of the last year recutting the first film called The Road Back and conducting new interviews -- including some with Lance Armstrong -- to make their new film, The Armstrong Lie.


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