Monday, December 23, 2013

A changing unpredictable industry...

The movie industry is changing rapidly. Films are no longer dependant on theatrical distribution. Pay and even methods of payment are changing rapidly and not to the benefit of talent, agents, casting directors and the established system. 

Hollywood is having to give larger and larger incentives to keep production from taking advantage of a natural decentralisation and more user friendly technology.

While more product is produced world-wide than ever before, the ability to earn a living as an actor, artist, filmmaker decreases as the middle income artist who simply work their craft fades into history.

Meanwhile increasingly the one power strong enough to keep the water level enough for a livable wage, under guaranteed basic working conditions finds an indoctrinated younger society rejecting it as if everyone involved were Jimmy hoffa or Al Capone.

This rapidly changing model, which no one really understands or can accurately predict, is that SAG-AFTRA and other unions face as they move into the TV-Theatrical (Film) Contracts and how to protect and grow union work, with qualified professional union talent being paid a fair wage for their talents and work.

-Art Lynch

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