Friday, December 27, 2013

Acting Classes Forming...all budget levels, several venues, all ages, all experience levels...

  1. $40 a month acting classes forming...

    Open to pros and community members!
    All ages encouraged
    Adult classes forming

    Boulder City
    Patty Sullivan
    Boulder City Parks and Recreation.
    (702) 400-3254 / 294-0335

    For fees of $25 to $100 a class or packages classes also taught..

    Casting Call Entertainment

    or direct from Art Lynch...




    I believe in talent; all talent.

    If you want to act, if you enjoy acting, you are already an actor. That does not mean a star, a celebrity or competitive in the field of acting. But acting applies to many aspects of life, and can be used to teach, to pray, to entertain, blow off steam, or reflect the world as only an artist can.

    How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it.

    There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet the needs of your church, community, professional theater, film, television, conventions and other areas where actors ply their craft.

    For over a decade I coached acting full time, with part time for most of my adult life. As a youth I found friendships, experiences, and passion putting my own talents to use. I love acting and believe in actors. It is not a closed club, but something that lives deep within all of us.

    I have worked with and have references from students in all age groups, from 4 to senior citizens.

    I do not pretend to be some sort of star, or an expert, just a coach, trainer, teacher and someone who believes in you.

    Ask my students.

    I was taught this lesson by the likes of Dick "please don't squeeze the Charmin" Whipple, who gave to Nevada, Nevada SAG and to beginning actors with all his heart. He told me never to give up, as he gave me his first gigantic black and white video camera, the one he used in teaching his students.

    Acting, Voice Over, Character Voices, Improv Theater Games, Auditioning, Public Speaking, The Business, Self Marketing, On-Camera, Broadcasting and other areas of the craft are available for the asking through the Boulder City Park and Recreation, Casting Call Entertainment, or private arrangements. Just ask.

    -Art Lynch'
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  3. Casting Call has been closed since Tuesday, but we will be opena nd my class will take place on Friday night fro 6 to 9.

    Take some time to enjoy, check out, challenge yourself with some cold reading and on camera audition technique.

    Art Lynch

    2790 E Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89121

    Phone: 702-369-0400

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