Monday, December 9, 2013

Auditions for "The Runners War"

The Runners War
Non - Union Short Film
Union may audition but
may not work without a
union contract.

Audition Date:
Tuesday December 10th 

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Casting Call Entertainment 
2790 E Flamingo Rd 
Las Vegas, NV 89121 
Copy, Meal, IMDb Credit 


Mid to late twenties. Girl next door type. Attractive. Was living a happy life with the man of her dreams, and working at a trendy bar to pay for school when she ends up kidnapped over her boyfriends previous life.

Early to mid thirties. Very confident newly divorced surgeon. Hired Armand as a surgeon assistant two years prior and introduced him to Vanessa who was his ex girlfriend. Armand's best friend.

 Male, mid twenties to late thirties. Hispanic, raggedy looking. Gordo got into a position of power and now is enjoying the perks of management. Very physically demanding role.

Mid twenties to early thirties. Suave Italian man.  Shot caller and a man who has spilled blood to get where he is. 

 Mid twenties to late thirties. Intimidating Italian man. Dom's muscle. Very well built and a man not to underestimate. Very physically demanding role.

Gunman 1  

Gunman 2 

Gunman 3  

Gunman 4  

Suited professional killers. Appearance is everything. These men are contracted so race isn't an issue. Very physically demanding role.

Gangster 1 

Gangster 2 

Gangster 3 

Three men acting as Gordo's henchmen. Should be in late twenties to late thirties. Hispanic preferred. Casual and dangerous men.  Suited professional killers. Appearance is everything. These men are contracted so race isn't an issue. Very physically demanding role.

21 to 26. Gordo's entertainment, very attractive hispanic or white girl. Survives anyway she can the way she knows how. 

Mid twenties to mid thirties. Gordo's main security. Large hispanic man, tattoos a plus.

Early fifties to mid sixties. Italian crime boss, former boxer, and a very dangerous man who feels he has nothing to lose.

Mid 20's to mid 30's. Leader of a small clique at a trendy bar. He will have a group of three or four people with him

Men interested in an antagonist role please come prepared with a monologue highlighted your villainous side.

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