Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holidays and Bars

Members of SAG-AFTRA have passed on concerns of the union celebrating the holidays at a bar. Being raised in Chicago and having spent time in other cities, there is some tradition behind this. We had high school and church cast parties in bars over pizza and pitchers of coke.

i would like to give these concerned members a voice. Some among us are heavy drinkers or even alcoholics and may not know it. Others who know their problem feel left out because they cannot go near a bar.

On this 80th anniversary of the end of prohibition, I ask we remember our brothers and sisters who know their limits, and look out for those who do not.

There is no reason to lose anyone during the holidays.

Those who know me know I am not a drinker, although i will take a drink or so. I have had friend who were heavy drinkers or alcoholics, and in my younger years "social" drinking was sometimes heavy. My wife is a social worker, and did work in that capacity at one time at the county jail.

Be safe. Avoid temptation. Do not drink and drive. And rather than attack, thank those who are concerned enough to question union social events being held at bars.

My reason for not being at the event is a simple one: I am working teaching that day and evening at Nevada State State College and the University of Phoenix.

Happy and safe holidays.

And may God bless...


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