Monday, December 2, 2013

Nevada SAG Conservatory presents 10 Steps to Better Auditions

Barbara Grant
10:48 PM (2 hours ago)
to bcc: me
Where:  East side Community center  259 N Eastern
When:    Dec. 7th. Sat. (yes, it's Pearl Harbor day!)
Who:     John Milton Branton
What:  Nailing Your Auditions

Working with Feature Film Producer, Director & Screenwriter, John Milton Branton, you will learn how to consistently deliver auditions that get you callbacks and bookings.

Mr. Branton has seen, literally, thousands of auditions and will share with actors Secrets and Tricks of the Trade that will get you remembered, called back and booked, again and again.

Using John Milton Branton’s tried and true “10 Steps to Better Auditions” actors will learn how to prepare their auditions in 10 easy steps that provide proven tools to deliver simple, honest and unique auditions that will get you noticed, remembered, and called back – time after time.

Here are some of the skills this challenging and rewarding class will provide:

·      How to Read a Script form an Actor’s point of view
·      Uncovering the Heart of the Scene
·      The Power of Mystery & Secret
·      Choosing Objectives that transform your auditions from Mundane to Memorable
·      Unlocking the Potential of the K.I.S.S. Principle
·      Learn to Listen with the Actor’s Ear
·      Adjustments that Attract Attention
·      Being Present in the Room
·      How Doing the Work sets you Free
·      Playing Moment to Moment
·      Discover the Relationship at the Core of every Scene

Cost: $20 per workshop OR $80 per yr for non-union and $40 per year for union

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