Sunday, December 8, 2013

On The Media: Covering the Newtown Shooting Anniversary, Fighting Revenge Porn, and More

Why residents of Newtown, CT want the media to stay away on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, the battle between the FDA and genetic testing service 23 & Me, and one mother's fight with the most hated man on the internet.

Covering the Anniversary of the Newtown Shooting

Next weekend marks the anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary, and the town of Newtown has asked that the press stay away out of respect for the grieving families and community. Brooke discusses media coverage in light of this request as well as the ethics of airing the recently released 911 phone calls with executive editor of NPR news, Madhulika Sikka.
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Alan Rusbridger defends The Guardian

This week the editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, gave testimony to Britain's home affairs select committee about the publication of information leaked by Edward Snowden over the summer. Bob talks with Rusbridger about why he was summoned before Parliment, and how the threat of prior restraint makes journalists in the UK function differently than their US counterparts.
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Fighting for Information from DHS

The Electronic Privacy Information Center just won a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, requiring the federal agency to release documents about the so-called "internet kill switch." Bob speaks with EPIC's Julia Horwitz about the lengthy battle with DHS, and the difficulty in getting information out of the notoriously opaque agency.


Listeners Trying to Shed Light on DHS

In October, OTM launched a "Shed Light on DHS" tool, which connects constituents with their representatives in Congress in order to ask for more transparency from the Department of Homeland Security. Brooke speaks with some OTM listeners who have used the tool, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Alison Dalton Smith and Ehud Gavron, about their experiences.
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23 & Me & The FDA

In October, Brooke and OTM producer PJ Vogt analyzed their genetic information using a service called 23 & Me. This week, the company said it would stop providing interpretations of the genetic data it received after a scathing letter from the FDA. Brooke talks to The Verge's Russell Brandom about the company's troubles.
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Revenge Porn's Latest Frontier

"Revenge porn" is naked photos of people posted on the internet alongside personal information about them, like their phone numbers and Facebook profiles. There has been no higher-profile revenge porn profiteer than Hunter Moore, who ran the now-defunct website "Is Anyone Up." In this interview from 2011, Moore talks to Bob about his site and his lack of ethics.


Why One Mom's Investigation Might Actually Stop Revenge Porn

Hunter Moore, the notorious creator of revenge porn site, sold the domain and closed the site in the spring of 2012. That's most likely due to an ongoing FBI investigation and harassment from the hacker collective Anonymous. But neither the FBI nor Anonymous would have ever pursued Moore if not for the investigation conducted by one woman: Charlotte Laws. Brooke talks with Laws about what sparked her in-depth research on Moore, and how state laws have changed since information from Laws' investigation has come to light.

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