Monday, December 9, 2013

SAG-AFTRA needs members to join in active Wages and Working Conditions

 Contact Nevada President Barbara Grand for information on Nevada meetings, committee and caucus.


SAG-AFTRA is pleased to announce the beginning of the Wages & Working Conditions (W&W) process in preparation for negotiation of the TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A Contracts that expire June 30, 2014. It is only through the involvement of members that proposals for this vital negotiation are developed.
There are four ways to make your voice heard:

TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A Contracts Caucuses - Join your fellow members to discuss what really matters! Open to all paid-up SAG-AFTRA members, the caucuses are free-form sessions where you can express any issue you feel should be addressed in the upcoming negotiations. Input from the caucuses directly effects the proposals formed by the Wages & Working Conditions Committees.

Wages & Working Conditions Committee Meetings - These formal meetings use the information and ideas gathered from the caucuses to create proposals for the 2014 TV/Theatrical-Exhibit A contract negotiations.

Note: Upcoming dates for Caucuses and W&W meetings in Los Angeles and New York will be emailed soon. Other local members should contact your local staff and visit your SAG-AFTRA local pages on for dates and times.

Email Suggestions - Can’t make it to a caucus or committee meeting? You can still play an active part by emailing your ideas to All proposal recommendations must be received no later than Feb. 26, 2014 and will be reviewed by the Wages & Working Conditions Committee.

On-Site Suggestion Box - Boxes will be placed in the SAG-AFTRA 7th floor reception desk at 5757 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles and, as of Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, the SAG-AFTRA 5th floor reception area at our new offices at 1900 Broadway in New York. Feel free to drop-in your contract-related thoughts and concerns. Please note that the last day for suggestions is Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

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