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For Charlie DiPinto: Stooges Halloween

Dark Water Productions

We are a full service independent film production company in Henderson / Las Vegas NV, specializing in film videography, photography, and full length feature and short films.

Our team is comprised of some of the most talented multimedia artists and independent film makers in Las Vegas using the latest software and BOXX workstation computers.

Please check out our films, demo reel, and latest multimedia works.

If you would like more information on how to invest in our productions - please contact us.

Monster Mash Classic Horror Video Mix

Silly Symphony- the Skeleton Dance (1929)

This Weekend: Hammargren's Home of Nevada History Open House...

You have to see this house to believe it....I will be in rehearsal and then Sunday is the Nevada SAG-AFTRA Local this year I miss it, Usually I am there, often as a host. Lonnie's house and collection is a must see....

One of my all time favorite movie scenes....Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

The Pual Lynde Halloween Special (1976(

Paul Lynde, Tim Conway, KISS, Florence Henderson, Billy Bartee and other in a 70's transition to Disco yet 60's corn Halloween Special...

The Killers sing the Nevada State Song...

Celebrate Nevada and Its Founding Heritage: Battle Born

October 31st, 1864 the new state of Nevada was admitted into the union, on the last possible date to cast its electoral votes for the reelection of war president Abraham Lincoln. This is the origin of the symbol and slogan on the Nevada state flag...."Battle Born"...or born of the Civil War. The state Constitution, written by mining interests, was barely ratified in time, with changes to soften its obvious bias and with language taken from other constitutions.

On this holiday all state, county and city government offices are closed, along with most schools and libraries.[1] Some private businesses, like banks, also close at their discretion. In Nevada's capital, Carson City, a parade is held through the heart of downtown, as well as a carnival and several other events.[2]

In 2000, following two successful referendums by the state's population, the Nevada Legislature decided to celebrate the holiday on a Friday, hoping that a three-day weekend would generate more interest. Nevada Day is now observed on the last Friday in October. But most of the big events in Carson City, including the parade, occur on the following Saturday. This was shortly followed by Las Vegas and Henderson adding up to three Nevada Days throughout the year in addition to the actual holiday which are determined by city council vote during the first week of each legislative year.
Until 2000, Halloween was observed in Carson City, Douglas County, Lyon County, and Storey County on October 30, so as to not conflict with the holiday.

The vote of the people was geographically one sided, with booming Clark County and its heavy California import population, voting overwhelmingly for a three day weekend, whereas the remainder of the state voted strongly to keep the date on the historic October 31st.

Since 2000, Carson City's newspaper, Nevada Appeal, has sponsored a month-long "treasure hunt" each year in October (except for 2003 and 2004) to celebrate Nevada Day. Beginning on the first Monday, a clue is posted on a web site set up for the contest each weekday, which help narrow down the search area. The clues all have to do with Nevada history, and so it encourages people to study it in order to find the "treasure". Upon finding it, the treasure (which is a small plaque referred to as a "medallion") can be redeemed for up to $1000. [3]

In 2003 and 2008, the legal holiday for Nevada Day fell on October 31, the actual day of admission.

When is Nevada Day? Nevada became a state (admitted to the Union) October 31, 1864, so Nevada Day is October 31st of each year. However, with the passage of AB396 by the 1997 Nevada State Legislature, Nevada voters, on November 3, 1998 advised the 1999 legislature they wanted to celebrate Nevada Day on the "last" Friday in October beginning in 2000. The legislature, after much heated debate, complied.

Nevada Day is presently a state holiday recognized on the last Friday in October with the parade on the Saturday following.

Nevadans love a parade and what better way to celebrate our heritage! Each October, Nevadans turn their attention to Carson City, Nevada's state capital, home of the Nevada Day Parade.

The 2011 Nevada Day Parade
is Saturday, October 29, 2011

MORE than just a parade, check out all the other events that make up this incredible 4+ day community celebration in Carson City!

Sources: Nevada Day website, Nevada State History (UNR textbook), Wikipedia.

Walking Dead: the slot machine!

Las Vegas Sun: Zombies in casinos: Game manufacturer to debut 'Walking Dead' slot machine
 Zombies are lurching toward Las Vegas -- and they're seeking slot players. Australian-based gaming manufacturer Aristocrat has inked a licensing agreement with cable channel AMC to develop a slot machine based on the hit show "The Walking Dead." The company plans to release the title in early fall to coincide with the show's highly-anticipated fourth season. 
First run 60602913
Horsey on Hollywood: Netflix
Netflix has been making further strides into mainstream Hollywood, irritating TV networks and theater owners with talk about changing the rules of the movie and TV distribution game. (David Horsey / Los Angeles Times)

The Las Vegas Strip is Getting Bloody this Halloween

EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL 4D adds Halloween performance - and some special surprises

Las Vegas, NV, September 16, 2013: Las Vegas' only show with a Splatter Zone is stepping up its game for the Halloween season, and is adding an additional performance on Thursday, Halloween night, October 31st.

"The show is a natural for this time of year," says director and producer Sirc Michaels, "And one of the biggest requests from fans is that we do a Halloween performance. The fans ask, and we respond."

In addition to the show's normal Friday and Saturday night shows, the team behind the most unlikely hit on the Strip have worked with the V Theater to offer an additional performance on:

Thursday October 31st at 9:00pm

Tickets are on currently on sale for the additional show, and are already selling strongly. The Halloween performance is expected to sell out in advance, so people are encouraged to get their tickets before they are all gone.

Because of the special time of year, there are some special surprises in store for people attending. The cast and crew will be incorporating the Halloween spirit into the show with some special touches, including a costume contest and special additions to the show itself.

About Evil Dead: The Musical
Evil Dead: The Musical is a unique production that combines multimedia, live performance, audience participation and 4D elements to take audience members into its world. From undead ushers to blood spraying out into the audience, this musical comedy is bringing a new type of entertainment to the Vegas Strip, and the people behind it are determined to make a lasting impression. Performances can be seen at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino every Friday at 10 p.m. and Saturday at 11:30 p.m.

Media Contact:
Sirc Michaels / Mark LoProto
Sirc Michaels Productions 
(702) 812-5196

New Frontiers In Media! Work for Actors.

Panel Examines New Frontiers in New Media

The Screen Actors Guild National SAGIndie Committee, SAG Foundation, SAG New Media and SAGIndie hosted a panel discussion October 19 focusing on the future of new media production.
New Frontiers in New Media, held at the SAG Foundation’s Actors Center in Los Angeles, aimed to familiarize actors and filmmakers with the opportunities available in this new digital world.

The panel included Mark Friedlander, SAG’s national director of SAG New Media; Anthony Batt, president of Katalyst Films; Christopher Kubasik, creator of Booth at the End; Chris Horton of Sundance Institute’s Artist Services; and Drew Baldwin, the co-founder of Tubefilter. The discussion was moderated by SAGIndie National Director Darrien Michele Gipson.

“The world has changed in the entertainment industry,” said Abby Dylan, chair of the SAGIndie Committee. “People aren’t watching content the same way and filmmakers need to know how to get their product out there. They can do it on their own; they don’t need to go through a studio anymore. They don’t have to go through those channels. And we want to help them do that so more actors can work.”

Friedlander said it was important to reach out to content producers to help them understand the process of working with unions in this new and untested area.

“New media is growing at an unbelievable rate. It’s a tremendous chance for actors and creatives of any discipline to learn about the opportunities for growth both creatively and economically in this space — it’s the future.”
SAGIndie New Media Panel
From left, SAGIndie National Director Darrien Michele Gipson; Anthony Batt, president of Katalyst Films; Drew Baldwin, the co-founder of Tubefilter; Mark Friedlander, SAG’s national director of SAG New Media; Christopher Kubasik, creator of Booth at the End; SAGIndie Committee Chair Abby Dylan; and Chris Horton of Sundance Institute’s Artist Services.

Michael Plaisted's Empress Theatre and Workshop

Michael Plaisted's Empress Workshop, featuring the 7-Step System,  
at The Meadows Senior Homes Clubhouse located at 2900 So. Valley View Blvd. 

The Empress Theatre workshop is returning to its earliest policy of not charging for the workshop but accepting donations from those who wish to contribute. This is because the current economy has placed difficult financial situations on many people. Participants should feel free to contribute nothing but if you can put in a couple of dollars that would help toward paying the rent and other expenses.

 Email Mike Plaisted at or call him at 871-9750 (Home) or 218-1759 (cell).

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My name is Kevin Lewis and I am the Production Coordinator for the Criss Angel BeLIEve show that is currently airing on SpikeTV. We have one more major stunt for this show on November 13 and I am looking for 4 Production Assistants to work on that day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or you can call me directly at 702-505-7785.

Thank you

Kevin Lewis
Production Coordinator

Opera at the Onyx this weekend: The Medium


The Medium
By Gian Carlo Menotti



Monica, Madame Flora's daughter, and Toby, a mute servant boy rescued from "the streets of Budapest" play dress-up. When Madame Flora, or "Baba" as they call her, arrives home drunk, she violently chastises them for not preparing for that night's séance. Soon the guests arrive, Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau, regulars, and the widow Mrs. Nolan who is attending for the first time. With Madame Flora in a trance in her chair, a fake séance is held.

A few days later.....
Toby is giving a puppet show for Monica, their mutual love becomes more obvious. When Baba comes home, she resumes her accusations on Toby, sure that he knows what went on the night if the séance. The guests again arrive, expecting another séance but are driven away by Madame Flora who tries to convince them that the whole thing was a sham by revealing all the tricks that she and Monica used. But the guests are not convinced and leave claiming that while she might have thought she was cheating them, she in fact was not. Baba continues to get drunker throughout the evening and as the night spins into confusion death and murder ensue from the eerie depths of Baba's mind.
The Medium is a short two-act dramatic opera first performed in New York City in1946. In Sin City Opera's production of The Medium each character falls under Toby's control, the opera's mute character, which is unveiled through Menotti's masterful orchestrations that change texture and color each moment as the story unfolds.

Artistically, the show is designed to challenge everyday staging and interpretations of the opera in its basic elements of interaction and staging by combining elements from other art forms, such as ballet, musical theater, opera seria and tragedy, while being humanistic in its approach. It looks at ethics, human needs, manipulation and the ability of people to become involved in alternate realities. The show is meant to question how we see the world and how we understand what is and is not seen, thus surprising the audience. The end result for the show is that there will be elements of suspense, comfort, elegance, happiness, anger and playfulness throughout so that the audience falls in love with each character and moment, creating a spectacle that drives emotional interaction between the audience and the characters.

Sin City Opera - Opera for Everyday: Sin City Opera is Las Vegas' premier contemporary opera company dedicated to bringing affordable opera and classical music to the community in fresh and exciting new ways.

"At the core of everything we do, and hope to do, is our mission to inspire, challenge and uplift our audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera but brought to you in an unconventional way" states Skip Galla, Artistic Director for SCO.

SCO will soon qualify as a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas that serves the residents and visitors of the Las Vegas area and is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of opera by offering productions of the highest possible quality and to strengthening the region's cultural and artistic community through collaborations with a diverse range of arts organizations.

        Showtimes: Friday November 1st at 8PM - Tickets are $10 to this performance when you enter the code MEDIUM at checkout! *Limited number of these tickets available 

November 2, 8 & 9 at 8PM - Tickets $15 


The Conference Speech everyone in Hollywood is talking about...also see LA Times Editorial Cartoon!

The Conference Speech everyone in Hollywood is talking about...also see LA Times Editorial Cartoon!

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of Orson Welles radio depiction of H.G. Wells classic, The War of the Worlds.

75 years ago, on October 30, 1938, Orson Wells aired The War of the Worlds on the CBS Radio Neywork. Ratings were low but the media storm it started has its impact lasting even today.t!

 Check out this behind the scenes look at the broadcast!

It's coming...and you can't stop it!

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Is Acting Art?

"If we had real reality shows, every body would be asleep in fifteen seconds!"

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Edith Head, Iconic Hollywood Costume Designer

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Edith Head tribute in "The Incredibles".

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lagosi in the stage version of "Dracula", which he performed thousands of times, starting long before is film appearance (photo 1927). He created the iconic Dracula vision based on the book. Below is Ed Wood with the sweater girl and Bella Lagosi (at Paul Marco's Christmas Party, 1954). Bottom is Ed Wood as Nat Pikerton (1920).

Monday, October 28, 2013

Edith Head leaves a long Hollywood Google Search Pays Tribute

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Edith Head, Iconic Hollywood Costume Designer

Today's Google Doodle features sketches of dresses made famous from Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. Head, who won eight Academy Awards and is known for designing memorable dresses seen in All About EveA Place in the Sun and many Hitchcock films, would have been 116 today.
Head died in 1981, and the NY Times noted in her obituary that her career spanned more than 50 years—"Miss Head, whose bangs, bun, tortoise-shell glasses and two-piece suit became unmistakable fixtures of the Hollywood scene, worked on 1,000 films and was nominated for 35 Oscars. She designed clothes for Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia de Havilland, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Magnani and Hedy Lamarr, among others." The gown that Taylor wore in A Place In The Sun instantly established her character as the society girl who is too out of reach for poor George Eastman:
Head, working mostly on Paramount and Universal Studios during the studio system days, helped established old Hollywood glamour with her elaborate gowns and sharply tailored suits for leading ladies. In fact, she worked on so many of Grace Kelly's dresses (notably in Rear Window, To Catch A Thief and High Society plus an Oscar dress), she expected to design Kelly's wedding dress (a designer at MGM got the honors instead).
Head also designed dresses for Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, though in Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's, some of the key dresses were designed by Hubert Givenchy (although there's debate about the Sabrina gown).
Many of the cool (blonde) Hitchcock heroines wore Head's designs—the grey suit that Kim Novak wore inVertigo was a style first worn by Doris Day in The Man Who Knew Too Much and Tippi Hedren wore the infamous green suit for all of The Birds.
Head's final oscar was for The Sting, which she remarked was a movie without a female lead. She was also the inspiration for the character "Edna Mode" in The Incredibles:
Contact the author of this article or email with further questions, comments or tips.

The Difference Between GOOD Acting and BAD Acting

The Difference Between GOOD Acting and BAD Acting  Acting
Stage 32 (click here).

My name is Joseph Dean Coburn and I teach acting. Once in a while, when meeting someone new, I am asked, "What kind of acting do you teach?"
"Good acting." is my response.
So, what's the difference between Good and Bad acting?
Good acting is so simple. The late, Sanford Meisner would say, "Disabuse yourself of the horrible need to be good." In class, I will say, "Who you are, as a human being, is good enough." These are things that a teacher says in response to forcing, faking, indicating, posing, or trying to put on a performance -- BAD acting. It's your simple, truthful, human response that makes up good acting. When you see someone trying too hard it's a lot like being on a bad date, you just get uncomfortable and want it to end -- NOW.
Robert Duvall, Marlon Brando, and Rod Steiger, were all asked the question, "What's the difference between great actors and good actors. All three gave the same answer, "For the great actor, it's really happening to him." Brando was asked that by Connie Chung in the 70's, Brando in the 80's during a print interview and Steiger was asked the same by Charlie Rose in the 90's. So, three GREAT actors, decades apart, and they all gave the same answer. It shouldn't need to be pointed out that they did not collaborate on their answer.
So, you want to be a GREAT actor, do you not? Well, then train in a way that builds the same habits that all great actors share and have shared. Listen, take personally what you see and hear, allow those things to affect YOU (You cannot turn yourself into someone else, some character, you just look foolish). Finally, permit your truthful, instinctive, emotional response.
So, good acting is a game of permission. Permit yourself to listen and watch your partner acutely (that's called "connected" or "chemistry" when you see it on the screen). Permit what you see and hear to affect and emotionalize you (contrary to "Don't take it so personally" that you were taught as a child). Permit your truthful, instinctive, emotional response (the one that happens TO YOU, not the one you MAKE happen). Those are the fundamentals shared by good actors and great actors alike. Make a habit of working that way and you will elevate your acting to "Good."
You want to get GREAT?
Do all that for 8 shows a week, every week, for about 6 years. Then you can start auditioning against world class players for the highest paychecks and greatest fame. Does it sound a little like competing in professional sports? It IS the same approach. Fundamentals, Discipline, and Respect for the game. That's old school and it works every time.
Anyone who says differently is lying to you and trying to steal your money. You cannot be taught acting, you can only learn it. Learn good acting and you will become a good actor. Learn bad acting and the results are just as predictable.
Interesting, I've never heard it referred to as a sport, but I can understand that very well. It's nice to hear candid talk about skill as I feel so many people tip toe around the issue of truly good acting, and I really don't know why.
  • 1 week ago
I enjoyed it very much,thanks
  • 4 days ago
Nice post! Thanks!
  • 4 days ago
Very nice post! I think we as actors feel we have to make a situation more complex than it is. It is usually the simplicity we crave as an audience. :)
  • 4 days ago
As a former student at The Neighborhood playhouse playhouse, I have to agree on Every Word you wrote. Thank you!
I think actors should throw their hands around as much as possible. Warbling when you speak is good too.
  • 4 days ago
yes, and making as many silly faces as you can in one line works too.
J.D. Coburn, I LOVE not only the way you've worded your post but the critical truth of it as well. I call it acting vs. becoming but my meaning is the same. It's not until an actor really listens, really feels and really reacts that they even begin to understand the craft. Fantastic post!!!
The old saying is true: Don't act, react!! Check out Robert De Niro's One Minute of Brilliant Advice - the update that RB posted recently. xx
Simple, & truthful ……be yourself in reacting !
Thank you, J.D. Long after Meisner's passing, the sign on the wall in NYC still hangs and rings, oh so true - "Act before you think." As for the scum liar / acting "teachers" stealing money, may David Mamet's "Invent nothing, deny nothing... stay out of school.", (from his book,TRUE AND FALSE),...
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Cogent, sound, and absolutely honest advise and counsel, J.D.
  • 2 days ago
Thank you for this. As a director, I have come across actors who think they're great and give a bad audition because they're acting. I have had some come to an audition and read the part as if they're reading a book. It's a bad audition and I feel for them. I know they have the passion to be an...
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  • 2 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing sir! I want to learn from you.
  • 1 day ago
Thank you for the positive responses, folks. It makes me feel good. I noticed a typographical error. It was Duvall in a print interview in the 80's, not Brando. With regard to bad auditions and bad acting generally, you have to be forgiving. It's not the fault of the actor who is badly trained...
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Oh, @Cayden, most acting teachers don't want students to know the difference between good and bad work. If they learn the difference, they'll want their money back!
Acting is less about becoming the character than making sure, through what you do and do not do, that your audience believes you are the character. There's a difference. It's important not to under-estimate the power that your audience has to transfer your actions or lack of actions into building...
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In a word.... Credibility.
Wow, Bob. You must have paid a lot for your education. Can you get your money back? Because there is no practical means by which you can employ those ideas. Said another way, you can't act that. It's just a lot of intellectual gobbledegook. Still, thank you for sharing.
Why don't you pull it back a bit JD... you're not letting your audience do their job.
  • 3 hours ago