Monday, January 20, 2014

Are you ready to make it as an this first///

10 Reasons Actors Never make it..they fail to...

1. focus on acting first, do not jump in with photos, resume and video until you are ready, really ready

2. finances. Be prepared and have an income source, Know the cost and demands of living and working anywhere you enter or become a part of the industry. Hint LA and NYC are not cheap. 

3. study the industry

4. know yourself

5. classes and training are vital, regardless of who you are or how good you are. You need to work your skills, craft and talents.

6. know your type. You can break it, but type allows targeted marketing and career planning

7. lack of business skills...treat this as what this is, a business. You have to sell and market yourself, keep track for taxes, invest wisely, cover your overhead and grow your business. Remember most start up businesses fail.

8. you have to work on your own career, work with agent, managers, with others in the industry.

9. lack of motivation...get motivated for the long haul. Be willing to work, for years. Did you choose acting or did acting choose you. Is it something you just cannot do without? Is it a part of you soul and hyou indentiy. If the answer is no, or if you are simply chasing stardom...find another profession.

10. Lack of focus. Set goals, specific for time, place and situation. Be specific. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Put together a plan with solid goals.

Five more reasons why actors fail:
11. they do not read

12 they do not study or have any interest in current affairs and news

13.they do not listen

14. they fail to realize that to build a career you have to treat it as a profession, including using all of your intelligence and potential. Actors who make it are not mindless, stupid or any of the things those who criticise us label us.

15. they fail to go out and live a life outside of acting. It keeps us sane, allow for passive research on people and the human condition and valves to let off pressure.

-Anthony Smith,
additions by Art Lynch

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