Monday, January 6, 2014

6 Simple Rules to Not Ruin a Screening Q&A

1. If you do not have a pertinent question, then do not raise your hand. It’s as simple as that. Sit there quietly practicing your listening skills.
2. For the aspiring writers and producers, do not pitch a film or TV idea. This is not the venue. If you do not already know this, you may need to reassess more than just your attendance at this screening.
3. Do not talk about yourself, your resume, your pets, your family, or your current political and social views. “This is not about me,” should be your mantra. Anything that conflicts with your new mantra should be kept to yourself.
4. Keep it short and sweet, then sit down!
5. For the actors: “How do I break into the business,” or some variation of this abused question, will never actually be answered. If it’s your passion to act, then work really hard, and if that doesn’t work, try being born into Hollywood royalty. FYI, this Q&A is not your moment to be discovered.
6. Finally, ask a question relevant to the film you’ve just seen. This is not the time to bring up that one time the panelist worked with Angelina, kissed Gosling, or partied with Tarantino. They are here to talk about this film, this project, and this campaign. Keep it on topic!

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