Monday, January 20, 2014

Are there film stars anymore?

Are there film stars anymore?

Greta Garbo, Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, James Cagney, bigger than life on the big screen.

Film is now video.

Video is for theaters, TV's DVD, Blu Ray, VOD, iPads, phones and soon glasses and watches.

Film actors are now doing television series.

TV Actors are now starring in films.

Both are displacing theater actors on stage.

Both are displacing commercial actors in commercials.

Both are displacing voice artist in voice overs and animation.

Their numbers are growing to the point where many do not know their names.

And the old stars, while they remain stars, are fading away or dying off.

The super studio system is morphing into been counting distribution-theme park- toy sales - concert- destination real estate and resorts.

So are there film stars and if not, who or what will replace them?

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