Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bob Bergan's Voice Over Cool Links

Great site dedicated to the world of anime!
ASIFA Hollywood is THE place for anyone interested in animation!
You might recognize Barry from the classic film Grease.
Billie Hayes IS Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuff, and one Bob's closest friends. Billie has also set up her own nonprofit animal charity called Pet Hope. If you've been looking to get involved in a great charity check it out!
Jerry Beck is a walking cartoon encyclopedia. His site offers fun cartoon facts and regular updates on what's happening in the world of animation.
Bill Holmes at Compost Productions does some of the best commercial demos in town!! He also offers voice-over workshops for all levels from beginner to advanced. Check out his site for demo samples and rates.
KALMENSON.COMKalmenson and Kalmenson is one of the most prestigious voice casting services in town, run by some of the nicest people in the biz. Their voice-over workshops are top notch, with levels for everyone no matter your voice-over experience. Whether you are a novice or a working actor who just wants a good workout, check out Kalmenson and Kalmenson!

Leonard Maltin is one of the country's most recognized and respected film critics and historians. Now in his 21st season with television's Entertainment Tonight, he also co-hosts the weekend movie review show Hot Ticket.
The name says it all!! Check out all new cartoons made just for the internet!!

One of the oldest voiceover studios in Burbank , Marc Graue Recording Studios offers everything from ISDN to ADR for film &TV to Radio Production and Video Editing! Just e-mail them for your free monthly copy of their Voiceover Newsletter!
Nan Desu Kan is an anime convention in Denver and one of my favorites.
When FOX was casting Bart Simpson oh so many years ago, they found that the best man for the job was a woman. Nancy Cartwright is one of the most respected voice actors in da biz, who also got her training from Daws Butler!! As you'll see on her site there's more to Nancy than just Bart!!
Mark Evanier is an animation writer/producer, and super cool guy!! His site is chock full of all things animation and pop culture.
A very fun site for cartoon fans.
Voicebank is an excellent resource for anyone in or around the world of voice-over. Check out the agent's house reel section to hear samples of voice actor's demos.
This is a great site dedicated to voice-over actors.
The industry's only voice-over publication.
For the last thirteen years, Voices Voicecasting, has been a fixture in Los Angeles, casting thousands of radio, tv, film, animation and cd rom projects. Voices is also well known for its Beginning voice-over workshop and Working Pros Workout Night.

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