Monday, January 20, 2014

Respect for Acting

I called the book 'Respect for Acting' for a very clear reason. I did not call the book 'Delight in Acting' or 'Love of Acting' or 'The Fun of Acting.' 

I called that book what I called that book because of the shocking lack of respect that was creeping into both the teaching and the practicing of acting. 

Now? Forget it. We have allowed so much to recede or languish that I don't know what I co
uld call a book today. 'Demand for Acting' might work. ...

There was a time when people became bored and they took up bridge or golf; ladies had an affair or had their hair rinsed and joined a book club.

Now they want to act.

And there are fools with no standards who allow them into classes and theatre groups and tell them to live their dream.

I don't care about dreams.

I care about work and responsibility and truth and commitment."

--Uta Hagen/Interview with James Grissom/1996/From "Artistic Suicide"

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