Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Day of the Doctor

Just watched "the Day of the Doctor", the 50th anniversary special for Dr. Who. I know I am a bit behind on this, but the print was brilliant Blue Ray and the story entertaining and expansive (as you would expect with Dr. Who). Not to ruin anything. but all 12 (yes, 12, see it to find out how there are 12) doctors play ar ole in it and are seen, with three doctors at the core of the story. Billy Piper is back as the lady form "Bad Wolf".

A man who played the longest running Doctor,Tom Baker, is in the special (really a dramatic episode not a talk show special like I thought it would be) a well with a very important role.

I will admit to cryig more then once and launghing out out. My wife said i had a grin on my face the size of the Chessar Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

I did, earlier this year, survey colelge stuents on Dr. Who and found that only one out of more than 60 every watched and only a hand full ever heard of it.

Dr.Who is amog the top nown fictina characers in the world. Yes in the US only PBS viewers of a certain age and psychographic watched in the 1960 to 1980's. Today it is on BBC America, which also has a relatively small audience.

The new Dr. Who is an Academy, BAFTA and Emmy award winning actor. He said he dropped everything and agreed to do the show the day he got the phone call. When he was a kid growing up in the united kingdom he would take refrigerator boxes and turn them into Tardis and smaller boxes and turn them into Dalicks. John Hurt, who is in "The Day of the Doctor" sid he said yes and changed his theater schedule to do this episode without evening thingking about it.

Dr. Who is an institution.

I watched it growing up. Two  friends, Homer McDonald and Garth Shaw, both had the entire collection of 1960's t 1980's Doctor Who's on Beta tape in their closets or under their beds, as adults! I had it on VHS (but gavea ll my VHS's to charity to sell when my wife needed, or wanted, the room they took up).

I have a USB portal blue Police Call Box on my desk as part of my computer set up.

-Art Lynch

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