Friday, January 17, 2014

What qualifies this person to teach you: Art Lynch

I am good. I do it for you. I will work with you. 

Too many "I"s for my taste as I prefer to focus on "you", "us" or to be left out of the equation and be the person who gave you a push in the right direction. But here goes.

There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet personal, community, and professional needs. 

How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it.

This is my basic philosophy.

I believe in you as a person. I am there for you.

I have taught acting for a total of 12 years full time, and as part of my life for over 30.

I grew up in Chicago, doing school, community and professional theater, at a time when Chicago, and my high school cast, produced award winners and some of the key people in the industry.

I have a BA in Theater, just a thesis short from an MA, and I have a Masters in Communication and a Phd in Education.

I have started theaters, nursed others back to life.

I co-owned a marketing company for over a company, casting and producing, directing and writing local, national and international award winning commercials and industrials.

I teach Friday nights at Casting Call but am not a part of the business, other than as an employee and someone who cared about the students and their ability to grow their talents, skills and craft.

I also offer classes as a gift, at a very low cost, through the Boulder City Park and Recreation District, taught just blocks from my home, You have to be aggressive to push for a class, as space is limited and often the person the phone may discourage instead of encourage, but it is worth it. Not the most professional setting, but an opportunity to get what I have to offer and work on your instrument at a low cost ($40 a month).

I also teaching private lesson and available to coach one on one, small group or corporate in acting, public speaking, improvisation, on camera presence, business to business interpersonal and on camera transactions among others.

Hard to write this "commercial".


Because my true goal is for you to study and grow no matter who you take from, to follow your dreams and enjoy whatever you are doing.

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