Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8 tips from Lear Csting

Great goals for actors, writers, directors, and producers:

1. Volunteer for a staged reading. Staged readings are one-night performances set up to help workshop a script or play

2.Learn a new monologue. It’s always good to have fresh material ready. Plus, you need to constantly work on your performance and memorization skills.

3.Write. Always be working on something new, even if you already have a gig.

4.Do improv. Like actors, writers can benefit from improv. It’ll help you be more engaging in a room. You’ll be open to new ideas. It can help you brainstorm ideas for your own work.

5.Read five novels, graphic novels, or other intellectual properties with an eye toward how you would direct them. These might not be properties you can acquire, but this exercise will help you form your take on things.

6.Start a list of cinematographers, production designers, music composers, editors, any key creatives you’d love to work with. Observing the work of others and having a dream team can help you plan your next shoot. Even if you don’t get to work with Roger Deakins, you may be able to bring in some of his work to communicate your vision with producers, investors, and your own DP.

7.Read scripts and watch director’s reels. Whenever you meet a new writer or director, offer to read her script or watch his reel. Find writers and directors who speak to your tastes. You may find people and projects to champion or you may just find artists to follow.

8. Read the trades every day. The trades include Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline Hollywood. Knowing what’s going on in the town is your job. Talking to friends, reading the trades, and generally getting information will make you a more valuable producer.

From Marilee Casting

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