Friday, February 21, 2014

Seeking Broadcast and Voice Work

I started volunteering at Nevada Public Radio, KNPR in 1986, , 28 years ago. I was the first person on the air on the Radio Reading Service, which has come and gone. I have been the Sunday voice of Nevada Public Radio since 1998, over 16 years. There is only one employee left from when I started...the Operations Manager Phil Berger.

I stared in radio in high school with a school produced collection of what would later become Youth radio. In college I was brought on board at WUIC by John Wennstrom, who later in his career would sign on KUNV, at UNLV, and is till own in las Vegas theater and opera.

Since WUIC I earned awards in broadcasting, journalism, broadcast news and public affairs, worked from Chicago to Napa and LA, including Wyoming and Nevada. I have hosted talk shows, coordinated volunteers, been over employees, been a network reporter and covered disasters and special events.

I am interested in full or part time broadcast work, voice work or related (toehr than sales).

Tell others and feel free to contact me.
(702) 454-1067 / 682-0469

Thank you for your time and action on my behalf.

Art Lynch

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