Monday, February 10, 2014

Casting Director Workshops...stand up to the integrity of the craft!

 The UNION I worked for in NEW YORK was not an acting school for Casting directors offering short cut to success acting workshops. Actors need to be reminded now and then that we are an ARTISTS CRAFTSMANS UNION of trained and gifted individuals not a group of individuals who did three extra jobs and now call themselves actors, Unfortunately there seems to be a great divide between trained actors and the Actors Unions. All of this will change when the UNIONS condemn and outlaw Casting directors workshops and fight for the integrity of their member performers.

-Victor Perillo

On a related note...

... Most states have laws on the books, including New York, that make it ILLEGAL for representatives of employers (casting directors) to charge potential employees (actors) to apply for a job. 

Since an actor's performance in front of a casting director is by law (in California) an audition, charging an actor a fee in a workshop is a violation of the law. I suggest you check with Consumer Affairs or the State Labor Commission for specific relevant laws in your state.

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