Sunday, March 23, 2014

Casting Call Entertainment

As you know I teach at Casting Call Entertainment in Las Vegas on Friday nights. Great place. Family feel, training in acting, production and the industry in ways no other place I can find does at anywhere near as low a cost for the students. They do union ultra low and modified contracts for productions in increasing numbers, but most of what they do and what rents their facility to cast, remain non-union (pre-union is a better way to put it). Students get what they put in, and if they are serious enough, they come out with the basic skills and self confidence they need to enter this industry. The business also has many extensions or agreements stretching into production, distribution, casting, an agency (not union), a management company in Beverly Hills, events representation and talent development,

I can speak for my own class, you get far more than your money's worth if you put in the time and really want to work at preparing for the industry (or developing skills you can use elsewhere in life).

i can speak for how I have seen students grow and enjoy the process of growth, not just from my class, but from every class and experience they offer.

Gary or Sharry

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