Monday, March 31, 2014

Fame and success are a conspiracy to turn you into an Asshole.... -"Divergent" producer Doug Wick

'Divergent' Producers Launch a Franchise

'Divergent' Producers Launch a Franchise

"Teach the kids how to be stars, how to survive and how to control their own lives..."
Veteran husband-wife producers Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher have made Oscar-winning films. But with Divergent, they've launched their first franchise based on a young adult novel, written by a Chicagoan  and Northwestern University graduate, who wrote the book while in college. "Divergent" was filmed in Chicago,
The film is really a set up for sequels, but carries its own, according to exit reviews. 
The team are key in providing a buffer and encouraging the young stars to take training to avoid the reality of how success details everyone successful in the industry into real "assholes. It Is easy to crash and burn, or to become a real star but a "prick"
in the process.
"Don't' use it just to get laid, use it for some good".
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Banner image: Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick, producers of Divergent

Hollywood News Banter 

Kim Masters and Michael Schneider, who's sitting in for John Horn, discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.
- News out of CinemaCon, the annual trade show for theater owners, is that global box office is strong except among the youth in the US. a 21% drop in 18 to 34 years old movie theater attendance has let to 'discount movie night' and teen friendly promotions.
- More Murdoch family drama and news of a succession plan to run the various companies of NewsCorp. It is a family owned, conservative business, from the roots on up. Its a soap opera in and of itself, how the Murdoch family does things and who ends up in what position. Newscorp is publishing only (as of last year) and 21st Century FOX if entertainment (which they say includes news). 
- Disney news: Anne Sweeney has been replaced by Ben Sherwood to run ABC and the other Disney-owned TV channels. What will his news background bring to the job? Good Morning America has been beating NBC's The Today Show since Mr. Sherwood came back from academic and writing books. His background is news but now he is running the entire entertainment and news operation.

- Disney plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the online studio Maker Studios. Valuation changes quickly in the Internet world, so purchases are gambles or to cut off competition. Disney has not done well with Club Penguins and other previous purchases.
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'Divergent' Producers (2:38PM)

The producers of DivergentDoug Wick and Lucy Fisher talk with Kim Masters about launching their first franchise based on a young adult novel. They talk about making a spectacle on a tight budget, shielding young actors from the dangers of fame, and balancing their married life with work.


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I am a bit disappointed that you stayed with publicist line about Theo James. He was a star of be it a failed but hour drama last year for CBS, Golden Boy. He was the star!!! But every media outlet only says Downton Abbby despite it being not being listed on "Know For" on his IMDB. Why not at least mention Underworld? That is closest credit he has to Divergent.

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