Monday, March 10, 2014

Fox's Kevin Reilly Says No to Pilot Season; Runaway VFX Work

Fox's Kevin Reilly Says No to Pilot Season; Runaway VFX Work
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Fox's Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly announces that TV's pilot season is dead -- at least for his network. He talks with Kim Masters about how he'll still have failure but he hopes to have more success. Plus, the new documentary Life After Pi looks at the harsh realities for California's visual effects workers. 
Banner image: (L-R) Akiva Schaffer, writer (SNL), director and member of The Lonely Island; Kevin Reilly, Andy Samberg. Photo courtesy of Fox

Hollywood News Banter (2:30PM)

John Horn of the LA Times joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.
The Innocence of Muslims actress gets her day in court and a big win.
The death of Sarah Jones -- assistant camera operator -- on the shoot of the film Midnight Rider raises major safety issues for crew.
What does the new Comcast deal with Netflix mean?
Oscar highlights: Ratings, diverse winners


Fox's Kevin Reilly (2:38PM)

Kim Masters talks with Kevin Reilly, the entertainment chairman of Fox Broadcasting, who has made news recently by announcing plans to no longer do pilot season as usual. Instead, Fox will borrow the cable TV model -- order fewer episodes, develop them fully before putting them on the air and air them year-round. Reilly also addresses the failure of Terra Nova, his hopes for a new series from Will Forte and a new big event series Hieroglyph.

'Life after Pi' (2:49PM)

A year after the visual effects house Rhythm & Hues filed for bankruptcy and won an Oscar forLife of Pi, two filmmakers have made a documentary that tracks what happened. Life after Piwas made by Christina Lee Storm and Scott Lebrecht who both once worked for that VFX house (Lebrecht is still there). They tell The Business producer Darby Maloney what they've learned about the issues affecting California's VFX community and how they fear the loss of jobs for this sector is a harbinger of things to come for the rest of the industry.


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