Thursday, March 27, 2014

SAG Auditions for Eli Roth film..must submit by 3 PM Friday.

Full Length Feature Film (SAG)
(Las Vegas)
Director: Eli Roth

Submit PROFESSIONAL Head Shots and Resume. Make sure CASTING TALENT/ROCHELLE PERLES information is on your resume when submitting.
Submit To

Please indicate in your email your contact information, if you are SAG or Non-Union and what role to submit you for. We will not submit you without the proper information.

When Selected we will update you with ALL AUDITION INFORMATION.

Character Breakdowns
KEN (50'S) - Runs a local boat rental and bait shop at Lake Mead. Ken is friendly, low key and somewhat grizzled from his years at the lake.

SHELLY (50'S) - She is Ken's wife and partner at the boat/bait shop. She is just as grizzled and low key as he.

COLLEGE GUY 1 19-21 - He is hot, drunk and ready to party

GIRL 1 19-21 She is on the party boat with the rest of the college kids. Drunk, young and ready to party

GIRL 2  9-21 Ditto the above description

DRIVER (College boat) 19-21 See the above listings, ditto for this character

FISHERMAN/FRANK - 50's-60's - He is a local fisherman on Lake Mead that is neither friendly nor helpful. He's mean, nasty and just plain trouble

WALTER (50's) Tall, thin and kind looking, Walter talks with Lily about Lake Mead/St. Thomas and its history

LITTLE GIRL (6) - She plays hide and seek with her sister near the lake

OLDER GIRL (8) - She plays hide and seek with her sister near the lake

MAN/BILL - 30's - 40's Bill is Penny's husband. He is rough, rural, something of a wolf and definitely interested in Amber.

JEFF (40's) He is tall, lean, well spoken and good looking. He lives in the middle of nowhere because he wants to.

TIM (20's) "Tim" is "Jeff's" friend. Short, sloppy, toothless and a little goofy. He lives in the middle of nowhere because he has to.

PENNY (Crazy woman)/BREAD WOMAN - She is 30's-40's and Bill's wife and mother to the two young girls playing Hide and Seek. When we first meet Penny she is a mad woman who attacks Amber in a jealous rage. We later meet her as the demure, kind and welcoming "Bread Woman".

FISHERMAN #2 - 40's - 60's - Race open - he is a weathered local fisherman

RANGER 30's - 50's - Male or female ranger who works at Lake Mead

AXEL (60'S Caucasian) - Axel organized and now runs the "Where Are They" foundation. He is an average guy who chose to handle his grief by founding a support group for those families who have lost loved ones to accidents at Lake Mead.

Casting Talent 

Rochelle Perles

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