Saturday, March 8, 2014

What's in a Name?

I'll admit it, I am terrible with names, particularly names from thirty years ago or more. I am great with people and faces, but if I forget your name, please do not be insulted.

That said a tip for actors is to get and remember the names of those you audition for, of your contacts and network and as many fellow actors as you can.


People like you using their names. It makes a world of a difference in their impressions of you.

And you need to build a source book (use to say rollo-dex) for the business that is you Inc.

Building contacts that like you, know your work (positive work) and who will think of you at the right time is vital to your success as an actor.

So once again, don't do as I as I say...

It does work. I have seen it work. I wish my mind worked in different ways than it does.

There is still hope for you!

-Art Lynch

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