Friday, April 25, 2014


Casting Call students on Friday is your truly Art Lynch. Program includes up to six evenings a week of training ranging from my on camera and auditioning class, to improv, scene study, the business, film making and acting for film. Contact Casting Call Entertainment at (702) 369-0400 for info on a free audit and details on programs.

-Art Lynch

(702) 682-0469

Mr and Mrs Roy Costly at the last SAG Regional Branch Conference in 2012..where Roy was honored for 30 years of service on the National Board of Directors an overall service to the membership. He remains on the board in 2014 of the new union representing the New Mexico Local. And people think my 20 years is a long haul! -Art Lynch

Roy Costley of New Mexico, SAG H C Award winner with his wife the night of the award in Hollywood.

Laural and Hardy on the set (above) New York SAG-AFTRA Local President Mike Hodge (left).

Buster Keaton a master at comedy, writing and directing.

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