Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Audition Leads and Information about the Industry

Information Leads: Thank You Baskow Agency, Casting Call and the VIP's.

There are many sources of information for actors in Nevada (see right hand column for links). I would suggest signing up with an agent and being on their call and audition list. The Baskow Agency sends out casting notices on a regular basis, as do the other SAG Fanchised Agencies.

Sharry Flaherty's Casting Call Entertainment produces a newsletter, host an informational web site and sends out regular e-mails concerning training, events, auditions and industry related information.  Contact information follows:

(702) 369-0400
Casting Call Entertainment Inc.

Another valuable source of networking and information are the VIP's under Sergio Garcia. I am not authorized to pass on his information, however if you know him or someone who is a VIP, inquire about information and events of that invitation based group. He, and his group, work very hard to maintain and increase the professional level of Nevada talent.

If you know of other sources of information or individuals that this blog should contact, please feel free to pass the information on to me.

Art Lynch
(702) 454-1067

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