Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Removal of Material from this blog

SAGACTORONLINE will remove post on request. We need to know the date, article title and subject matter, plus the name and interests of the person requesting removal and a phone number.

This blog has massive amounts of archive and links, so specifics are needed with any removal request, not generalities or non-specific addresses. If provided we can and will remove or correct any material as requested.

Nothing in this blog is sacred or can be taken as "fact". Most of the material is from other sources (always identified) with some personal material by Art Lynch or another associate, using bylines to identify the author.

If material is out of date or wrong, we will remove it or provide a correction. We are also open to articles penned by others provided they  provide the required author material confirmation.

We never mean to imply that any service, school, teacher, agent or operative in the industry is in any way operating other than in good faith. We will provide links to or reprint material from the news organizations (see disclaimer at the bottom of this blog) we survey for updates and information.

Please feel free to contact us at any time,

Art Lynch
(702) 454-1067 / 682-0469

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