Friday, June 6, 2014

Do not pay to be cast or seen with the promise or potential of being cast...

CSA rules on Casting Director Seminars

From the Casting Society of America related to California disclosure laws:

Classes taught by Casting Directors and Associates must be for instructional purposes only and not a “paid audition.”

The workshop must clearly post that taking part in the class you are teaching is not a guarantee of employment.

Casting Directors and Associates should be aware of how the Workshop Company advertises the Casting Director’s participation - especially on the Workshop’s website.

A Casting office’s current projects must not be advertised.

Sides must be from past projects or material that has already been cast but can not be from projects currently being cast.

Head-shots from the actors in the class can not be collected and taken at the end of the class.

Casting Associates (and Assistants) must follow the guidelines and obtain a letter of approval to teach from a Casting Director they have worked for within the last 18 months.

On Casting Director Workshops

... Most states have laws on the books, including New York, that make it ILLEGAL
for representatives of employers (casting directors) to charge potential employees (actors)
to apply for a job.

Since an actor's performance in front of a casting director is by law (in California) an audition,
charging an actor a fee in a workshop is a violation of the law. I suggest you check with
Consumer Affairs or the State Labor Commission for specific relevant laws in your state.

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