Friday, June 6, 2014

Support, understand and national standard (unfortunatly)

Think positive. Get the most out of any opportunity. Always support the positive in anyone or any organization...but be an informed consumer....

Never pay to be promised work, or pay for work. You should be hired for what you offer casting directors for their clients, the producers. Casting Directors and Casting Companies are not working for you.

Frank Strebel likes this.

Victor Perillo :

ART You are correct, but why do you endorse Casting Call entertainment in Vegas, they sponsor casting director workshops and ENDORSE la casting directors who morally, ethically and illegally charge actors for their classes? VIC PERILLO

Art Lynch
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Art Lynch:

I work at Casting Call. I am paid and students get their money's worth from my class alone. Beyond that I stay out of their business end. Students grow there, and everyone has value and potential. If they are ready I encourage NYC, LA, Chicago in that order, and I also encourage younger students to seek top level university training, and even help they audition and do applications.

You now my views. You also know that until Casting Call, I was unable to work in this town. I have been paid to work under full, modified low and ultra low budget contracts since, not just with them but other producers. Not alot, but a lot for the opportunities here and how long i was a full time teacher and could not work...15 years at CSN and cut loose,..budget. 15 years part time at KNPR and cut lose...budget. That's life. So Casting Call, part time at the University of Phoenix and Nevada State College, and the launch of a new business.

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