Saturday, July 19, 2014

Be all that you can and should artist.

Have we taken the art and craft out of acting and turned it into a business where anyone who can pay is called talent, where you are a consumer and not a participant in creating a quality product or potentially art? Are we buying into instant gratification and shylocks rather than the rewards of working hard, developing out skills, becomig someone or something that transcends business and the machine of Hollywood to reach our potential and new limits?

There is a reason Kevin Spacey supports the Ol' Vic and took many years at the peak of his career to be artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

There is a reason Patrick Stewart does Broadway and small art films when not doing cartoon character performances for big buck and therefore big money films.

There is a reason many actors you may see occasionally on TV or on film, or regulars who disappear from both for years at at time, teach others for almost no money, do theater, support non-profits that produce art.

We are a part of a great profession, not Walmart or some fast food that we call the entertainment industry of Hollywood.

Never forget that, and you will be even more valuable to Hollywood, because you will offer a quality product and the potential to raise their levels beyond dime-store levels.

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