Friday, July 11, 2014

Free services. Are you using them? You should be!

Free panels, live webcast, videos and services for union talent, with much of it available for students and pre-union talent as well.

Do you take advantage of it?

Your feedback is sought.

Do you use the services of the SAG Foundation? If not, why not? What services are you familiar with? The SAG Foundation needs to find out what is working for you as members, what you feel is not working and why.

They are also interested in your ideas on how to do more for Nevada union membership.

Your responses to surveys, contact with the Foundation and level of interest and volunteerism determines the level of local services, and the nature of services you will support with your attendance.

The CAP Online performers program allows you to be seen by major casting directors on line. You must be a dues current member of SAG-AFTRA to showcase for casting directors through CAP. Talent must register and take the orientation session to qualify. The next sign up cycle begins September 1st, with another launching January 1st.

Conversations provide career and cast live question and answer sessions on-line. The SAG Foundation will be providing achieved sessions, including those that were mastered on DVD prior to the launch of Internet services. The include free casting director workshops, agent panels, producers and directors panels, panels of actors and panels of other industry professionals. On-line access is open to the general public as a public service of the SAG Foundation.

Lifeline, which is similar to Conversations, focuses on the business side of acting. What it takes to become and survive as an actor in today’s world, including both coast and all of the territory across the country.

Actors, including students, have access to literally thousand of dollars worth in seminars and services for free, in person if you are union and RSVP where the event takes place or on-line live and in the archeive.

The SAG Foundation also provides scholarships, emergency assistance, tax assistance .

The most successful SAG Foundation program, one close to tis mission and heart, is children’s reading programs. These include Book Pals where union members volunteer to go out to schools and communities and read to and help children read. Storybook Online features recognizable talent reading children’s books online.

All services are free for union members and their families, and many are open to the public without charge as well.

(SAG-AFTRA Conservatories are not SAG Foundation programs, nor is is SAG-AFTRA or SAG Foundation funded...please continue to support and join the Nevada SAG Conservatory as well as take advantage of SAG Foundation programs.)

Decisions on distribution of live local program are determined by the amount of interest shown in on-line participation and on-line contact with the Foundation. The Foundation works on donations and is not funded by your dues or initiation fees.

For additional information or to pass on your ideas, feel free to visit the SAG Foundation web site...

Art Lynch
(not an official correspondence,
done as an acting instructor and
SAG-AFTRA member)

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