Saturday, July 5, 2014

Response to an offer made that taking classes gives your the opportunty to be cast...

I may get block back on this, but a local company sent out a blast I had to respond to...Never pay to be cast...if I did not work there and know the good work they do with helping beginners and those who want to relaunch their careers, I would say "red flag this post" never pay or even pay for the inference of being cast.


Producers pay your or your work for experience and tape until you have enough of both.

What we do offer at the company that sent out the Facebook and e-blast is solid advice, coaching, the opportunity to learn and grow and a great deal for your money.

Just remember that marketing people everywhere will break rules because they do not know better.

Audit is my advice and do not look at the video as part of the parkage, just something you may want to do for experience and tape.
I work on their videos as talent under a SAG contract (ultra low with union protection) and they do keep on the level...but again, never pay to be in cast...even as a producer yourself. If you are a producer you want the best talent and if you honestly think it is you, after seeing a shrink, then cast yourself.

Art Lynch

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