Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Fly in Film LA's Ointment

The fallacy that anyone who is an actor, or serious about being a full time professional lives in Los Angeles or NYC is used by those who want to keep work close to their homes. What they forget is that there are professionals, artist, talent in every city and every state..and in some cases very competitive creative pools who have as much right to work, create and use their craft as anyone in LA or NYC.

What these people who put down others who do not live in LA need to learn is that thanks to the money and the studios, we all face the loss of this industry to studios being build outside the US, qualified artist and crafts people outside the US and that they money is coming from the same companies who make movies here and distribute films here.

Stop throwing stones and belittling your cousins and start to look at the real threat from our industries are leaving the US and investing everywhere else in this increasingly International industry.

-Art Lynch
Lynch Coaching

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