Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why is all this stuff on this blog?

I try to provide news of interests to a wide range of professionals and those interested in the industry, through links and posts

This blog and its sister, and more frequently updated FaceBook sister page ( exist for you. They are the labor of one person, myself, and done to give back and help those who wish to become a part of or are in the rewarding professions and interests covered within the blogs.

 This site is pro-union, but open to non-union as a way for the community to gain experience, use their skills and build resumes and "tape" on themselves.

We share vintage Hollywood because it is my belief that we learn form out past, should cherish the past and that from our past comes the ride in our professions, avocations, hobbies and interests. These are interesting people who made the world what it is today, at least in the entertainment and information age.

This site is educational, with many possible uses for individual and groups, it is used by acting teachers and college professors across the country, and in a few cases around the globe. Applications range fro acting advice to history, business to just fun escapism.

As always, your input, ideas, submissions, feedback is appreciated.

Art Lynch

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