Monday, June 8, 2015

Are actors flakes?

Why do "actors" believe they can just show up for a few classes, often taught by people with no teaching or real credits, and become stars?

Because there is an entire industry that tells them that, that tells them that there is fame, fortune and success by just being in the right place, through that one lucky audition or that it can be purchased if you spend your money with and on them. It is about making others money, and taking money from you, the actor.

Awards shows and fan hype make it seem so glamorous, so easy.

But in reality these are actors, people with families working hard for a living at their craft, not silver spoon special people anointed by their fans and god. We, all actors, are people, just like you. We have to work at what we do and at our lives, deal with bills, family issues, plus for the celebrates the added pressure of the image machine (requiring the appearance of affluence, private security for your entire family, layers of managers and protectors, major expenses in marketing and keeping up your image and financing your projects and many other things fans do not think about.)

From day one the machine hits on the aspiring actor, knowing that the overwhelming majority will only earn a few dollars or none at all for their “investment”. It eats your dollars, energy, teaches you the wrong way to do thing sand promises you success, fame and fortune.

Casting Director seminars, expensive training schools, people who show IMdB credits like that qualify them to coach. Photo mills. Video production companies doing "demos" or "you pay to be in a movie" scams. Lies about meeting the right celebrities and having your photos taken with them. Paying for "mailing services." Promises of pay us and we can get you into the union. These all abound not just in LA but coast to coast.

Truth is….

Acting is an art, skill, craft and talent.

You cannot buy it or buy into it.

You do have to have some talent.

Natural talent will only get you so far.

You need to study, work with other actors, do theater, do films and videos, study with the same coach for a year or more, study differing aspects of the craft, watch and study how other actors got where they are (their performances speak volumes, their techniques). Keep building your skills, your technique and find ways to equal or exceed the actors you know are working when it comes your time to audition and be hired for that first “break.”

“Overnight success" can take a decade or more of hard work. Lean how to market yourself without lying and showing what you have to offer in its best possible light.

It takes work.

It takes time.

It takes talent, skills, and craft and yes, acting can become an art.

You need to live to bring life to the character, the project, and the art form. not just be in it to feed your own star stuck ego.

There is aptitude and there is talent. Both can be developed to meet personal, community, and professional needs.

How good you are, how skilled, how studied depends entirely on how much you want to put into it.

This is my basic philosophy.

I offer this site as an employment resume, links for those who take my courses and an introduction you may find useful.

I welcome your ideas & feedback.

We are launching Lynch Coaching for you.

Truth and advice, training and guidance.

No profiteering off your talents or skills, or promises of pies in the sky.

If you love acting…give us a try.

Free consultation. Rates vary by number of students, where and how long..

We can talk..

We do not just talk about Integrity, Honesty, Value, Trust, Quality and Personal Attention. We believe it and live it. And we Exceed Expectations.

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