Monday, August 18, 2014

Greed: Possible price of Film Incentives

Possible price of film incentives.

Greed, also known as avarice, cupidity, or covetousness, is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. Wikipedia

Locations in Las Vegas are repeatedly charging more to shoot, sometimes large percentages more.

The result is that small Indy filmmakers, students and those with lower budgets are either having to put money into location that could provide paychecks or simply finding it impossible to film at the level of their vision.

Common local merchants, governments and even non-profits...don't kill a growing and still in need of nurturing local production community before it has a chance of life.

Let is grow, support it and see the long term benefits for business, creative and technical talent and other industries a talented trained production base will attract.

Lower your rates, and when possible help young artist out by letting them film free. You will see the flowers that bloom as a result!

-Art Lynch

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