Monday, August 18, 2014

Memorize and seem as if you are saying the words for the first time...Techniques

Memorization an performance advice from a fellow SAG Actor on one of the films I worked on recently:

First...get your lines in context. Why does you character say this, what made they stay this, what were they responding to and thinking. Use this i rehearsing.

Second....Write all of your lines as many times as possible in your own handwriting while speaking them out loud. Hand-eye memory is a basic concept in communication and eduction. The process actually helps you to retain any material.

Third...Doodle while learning you lines. Just as writing down word, for many people doodling has the same hand memory impact on learning new material. lines while literally working out. The heart pumping and adrenaline will help you to use your own body chemistry to retain lines and concepts. Plus, when you audition or get nervous on the set, your heart rate picks up...not unlike doing push-ups or exercising in other ways. in as many environments as you can. Work on your lines sitting down, standing up, pacing, with music, without music, warm, cold, outdoors, indoors, at a mall, in a park, walking the dog. This will also allow you to not be thrown by a change in location or environnment when you have to deliver on the role, be it an audtiion, on stage or on film. record your scene, complete with another person voicing the other actor. Then listen to it over and over again, working on your part. In time, record with silence for your part and test yourself. Use the recording while driving, walking, running or even sitting at home with headsets (just do not put youself to sleep).

Six....find a friend and run lines over and over again, focusing on both the lines and the reason for the lines (see th first fourth suggestions). properly, be healthy...don't let your own body and chemistry work against you.

Eight...use positive reinforcement. Know you can do this. Reward yourself for each victory ever step along the way. Make yourself feel good about the process as well as the performance.

Nine...when you go in to audition, remember that you are there for them, not the other way around. When you film or work on stage, you are there for the artist who make your work possible and for the audiences that will see your final product. If you remember this, whatever level or amount of memorization and work you put in will help you to get by any rough spots, and we all have them.

Ten...whether an audition or a film shoot or on are acting. It is your time to do what you enjoy, do it well and do it for your own well being, success and desires or needs. It is your time, and your talent, and your chance to perform. Remember this as you learn lines and the reward will be in putting your memorization work into practice. ready to perform no matter what. If you did any work at memorization, you will do the material justice, even if it is not exact. This may not be ideal, but in many cases it is fully acceptable.

If you freeze, except maybe on alive theater stage, do not be afraid to pause,..start again (even in an audition) on the line or to ask for a line. Remember people repeat themselves in real life all the time. And asking for help does not make you a failure. It is the final product that counts, the collaborative results of your work and the work of others.

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