Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RIP Georgia Neu

From John Wennstrom. who did 24 shows with Georgia and was an active part of both theater companies:

Georgia's daughter. Nothing definite yet. Laura Gubbins just posted this, so you can see things are in the early planning stages.

"Hi, everyone. I had to take some time after my last post. It overwhelms me to know how much she meant to you all...and I hope you all know how much you individually meant to her...this is unreal and we are still in shock. Now, I need help putting together the biggest and best production we've ever been able to pull off, guys. Mom didn't want a funeral. She was animant about that my entire life. I always told her I'd throw her the biggest celebration of life this city ever saw when she went. I need help with location, I need help with ideas (although I have a definite vision) I REALLY need help from anyone who knows how to splice and dice DVD footage in with photos, music, etc. And I need help not falling apart. There's no time for that. There are time constraints because there are friends and family who need to come into town and family that can only be here for a limited time. Let's go on with the show, kids."

A Facebook page has been formed called "In Memorium - Georgia Neu"
I would venture to say that over the past 20 years, no one in this town, and I mean no one, has come close to what Georgia did in supporting Equity/SAG/AFTRA in regards to Las Vegas Theatre.

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