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On acting and on celebrity...

I'm just a working actor. I am still not famous as far as I'm concerned. I just like being an actor, just working...on the fame part other than getting a reservation at a restaurant or something like that, I'm just a regular guy."

-Denzel Washington

In a close-up what is coming out of your eyes is much more than the lines or the part or even the story you are telling.

-Richard Grere

The feeling of getting rejected, repeatedly, never leaves you. The understanding that it could happen again...that classic actor insecurity.

-Matt Damon

At the end of the day you have to have someone who is talented, and you allow the camera to capture that. Everybody in this city wants that. At the end of the day if you are a great person who can act, you will always have a chance to be relevant in this business.

- Jamie Foxx

I'm afraid every time I take a job on, every single time. There is a buzz I get before every take. I never know if I can pull off what I need to until it's all done. I am very curious and that helps. I am still trying to figure out the world myself, people around me, and ultimately part of that curiosity is probably a fear. A fear that I don't know who I am, I don't now the world, I don't know people around me. Is it possible to ever really know another human being? Is there a self? I don't know. And that is a root that we see as fear, uncertainty, questions. I am still trying to figure it out.

-Richard Gere

You attract what you fear. Positive and negative, you attract what you feel, what you are. You are in control.

-Denzel Washington

It's like the law of physics.

-Alan Arkin 

David Mamet wrote a line in the play "Edmond' that every fear holds a wish. I guess I am afraid of mediocrity. I am not afraid of being poor; I have done that and can do it again.

-John Hawks

I am an overnight success. It only took ten years of hard work.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

People think if they do not see you you are not working. They do not know that we do theater, how much work is put in before you film and in promotion after you film, or how long it takes to make and release a project. When I started "Good Will Hunting" I was 22 and Ben was 20, when it came out I was 28 and Ben was 25...

Matt Damon

For my first 45 years acting was my reason for being alive, it was the only reason I had for being alive. It was who I am. Why I existed. When I was not acting I fell into despair, and moving from thing to thing without fulfillment. Now it is an expression of who I am, not the reason for my life. I feel infinitely happier as a result off it. It has taken the fear out of acting for me, so it is basically a joyous experience for me now.

-Alan Arkin

Any rise in visibility worries me because If I cant be somewhat invisible in a crowd an observe human behavior, if I become a center of attention, it's harder for me to be an actor. People have preconceptions of you. I have surprised people, being an unknown, when they see me on screen, but as a known you can disappoint, or they may be mad at you for not being the same character you were in something they likes you in.

John Hawkes

I love the stage, I also direct movies and theater, so I do not feel nervous about it ending. I just move to the side. A good play and a good run is rewarding enough. I am independently wealthy I can afford to do that. I got a couple of dollars so I do not have to worry about what actors do starting out. Find more than one thing you love and learn to love and do it all with passion and belief.

-Denzel Washington

The idea of liberal thinking means that you are open to different ideas. Actors should be liberal, which has nothing to do with politics.

-Matt Damon

It's not the violence in the media, it's the attitude. I feel that I am watching people who are reveling in it, and that disturbs me. 

I feel like I can feel it jumping off the screen at me when it is being loved by an audience for the amount of blood, the realism, the graphic design of it I feel like it is dispassionate. When it gets into the graphic design in it I feel as if it is dispassionate, which scares the hell out of me!"

-Alan Arkin

There is a difference between the message of a piece and what a character may think or do. You have to find humanity in a character and maybe even root, at some level, for them, even if they are the villain.

-Art Lynch

Women are in a different business than we are. It is just brutal for woman, For men, the roles get really good at forty and behold, and that is when you start to do your best work, you start to get good at it, but with woman you are old at 25 and only a few, very few, maintain a career in film or television past 30. Theater is different, but even there roles for woman are outnumbered by men, and many of the roles are young ingénues,

-Matt Damon

There is an incredible downside to being successful. There is a lot of work that goes into it. What shocked me was the amount of work that goes into doing press for a movie.

-John Hawkes

I have a publicist to keep me out of the press. I am just raising my family, raising my kids. I have four grown kids now. Coaching football and basketball and that what was important, time with the family and kids. Work is work, but fame, I do not know what that is, that's got nothing to do with what I do.

Denzel Washington

When you become famous it is not that you change, it is that the world changes in its relationship to you. Your entire reality shifts a little bit and that's a really jarring experience. There is no way you can be prepared for it. People stop interacting with you, they react to you differently.

Matt Damon

Note: security, safety, true friendship all change for celebrities when they become celebrities. It cost money, takes time and changes what you need to do to survive the pressure and be sane in your everyday life. For the most part actors will seek out other actors or those who could care less who they were just to remain grounded. They get into politics and religion to find the same real world grounding that keeps you from being a one faceted stereotype of a human being. –Art Lynch

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