Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pay it Forward

We are all talent. We are actors and others in the arts. We never compete for a role Those who look at it that way are much too likely to put stress on themselves that works against the art form. We create reality with what we have, reflect life and deep emotions, reality below the surface. We offer it to those who hire or buy our work. If the do not buy or hire us, there are way too many variables and unknowns to look at it as competition. Decisions are for the final product or use of our work, not on the quality or where you finish a race.

You will gain if you hep others, even to advise them to go against your for a role. It pays back many times, although you may not see or realize it. Others will be there for you, your work with be better off for it and you receive the blessings that come with being a good person. others, not competing against them

We get better by working with others and not against them.

We are all the underbelly of the world who were once told "no dogs or actors" at hotels and pubs, who are looked upon by most of the world as not working at all, who, if you are good, make it look easy so others think anyone can do it!

Help others to grow, gain work, gain experience and you are helping yourself.

Even if you are not helping are being a good human being and a friend.

Pay it forward.

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