Saturday, February 15, 2014

Theater in my blood.

I was a high school theater geek.

I admit it. 

And I am very glad I was! 

I was not in it for the leads, for stardom, for getting on TV on film. I loved the escape into other characters, the ensemble of the world of the state, the community if formed. No where in film or television can you find or live the community of theater.

One regret to moving to Las Vegas was that when I came here, despite the efforts of a few like Grorgia Neu and Rainbow Company, there was not much theater. The Little theater was in a former 7-11 on Spring Mountain just off the strip, complete with polls.

The small theater community here was fighting for culture in the valley. I felt lucky to find an old friend, the former General Manager of WUIC, Chicago when I was Operatons Manger, John Wennstrom and others who made my wife and I welcome our first years in Las Vegas. 

All were through theater and the sense of team, of sailing the same seas, that comes with it.

I did a few shows, including "Cinderella", "Weland's Sword", "A Normal Heart" (UNLV-Royal Shakespeare Theatre) and one in which i really had to stretch as an advertising professional who loved dogs.

Advertising, teaching and/or going to school at night and on weekends, family, support for and from my wife, church and my passion for SAG, thousands of hours of passion and work for the Screen Actors Guild and its members, all drew me away from theater.

I am interested in launching a readers group at my small home in Boulder City, or working through others a program that can work around my Friday and Saturday or SAG conflicts.

I have long wanted to do a living theater based on Boulder City and Las Vegas history, a theater for children or way to pass on what I received at Oak Park-River Forest High School.

I am also looking for a venue to teach acting, coach individuals and offer my talents and services for a modest living, or part of one.

A 30 years resident of the Las Vegas area, I have many references and achievement to support what I would love to do, But I need your help.

I believer in theater, in film, in talent, in the positive it brings into our lives, in the many roles it plays in society and in the wealth is passes on generation to generation.

If you would like to work with me, have a project I can join in, finances to invest in what I believe in and what we are tryng to do, then please contact me.

If you know of anyone who can help launch at least one part of my dreams please pass them my way.

Art Lynch
Lynch Coaching
(702) 682-0469

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