Monday, November 3, 2014

Dark Clouds and Lessons Learned from Casablance and the displaced.

"Casablanca" starred mostly immigrants and was about a place where immigrants gathered not sure what they would go, or where they would go next. It is a romance, but also a patriotic film, a war theme drama and a film about despair or hope. If you have not seen it or have never seen it, it is a must see film for all actors and film makers. Immigrants in Hollywood helped craft Film Noir, move the United States from pacifism to a war footing, and of course the anti-nazi propoganda films. Its a period of time I try to get my high school and college students to study and learn about, in part due to current day events, but find they resist like a bad toothache. Why?

The shift in the late 30's (when Germany overran Europe and bombed England) from Great Depression escapism and positive energy to a larger darker pallet of storm clouds, fear, intrigue, more personal crime (as opposed to the Roaring 20's Gangster film of the 1930's), personal loss, hard decisions and complex romances.

Again, if film makers and actors study these years, the films, the techniques, the politics and social environment, they will expand their own scope and ability to tell a story ten fold or more.

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