Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do not be an actor, be the story...

Do not obstruct the character.

It should not be what people think of you as an actor, or of how well you do or do not act. It should be about the overall story, play, teleplay or film.

In other words, the reality you create with others is far more important than whether people remember you, or even notice you as an actor.

Your engagement is what you have to offer, you Identification of what is happening on the stage or screen. There is responsibility to tell the story, to have the audience suspend disbelief and escape into the film, play and the character.

Do justice to the drama or the reality of the comedy. Do not seek the spotlight. Do not upstage or act the the role and be the character to the point that you and the audience can see the reality and not have to work at it.

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