Monday, March 16, 2015

I want to be an actor. What should If do?

A lot of coaches, and others in the industry, sell that if you re-frame to positive thinking you will achieve your goals.

There is truth, a great deal of truth, in that.

If you just keep going and do not give up you will succeed.

Some truth in that as well, as we all face rejection, divergent paths and decisions that impact our lives and potential careers.

But you also have to have the talents, polished learned skills, and know how to use the tools of your craft.

I was asked if a high school student should go go college or jump into acting.

I asked several questions.

First was if they were interested in theater, film or a combination. As it was an attractive young lady, the next question came easy.

Have you studied acting, dance, singing and history?

She had.

So the advice was, if you want to make it in Hollywood, take from great teachers and give it a strong shot. But attend college when you can and always be learning, your enitire life.

If theater or a long term character actor career appeals to you, or if you want to do everything I suggest going the best theater program at a college or university you an get into.


The industry is changing rapidly. Knowledge of the camera, of all aspects of the business, of business, of politics, of history, of the social sciences are as successful in navigating this new landscape as accents, movement, cold reading skills and on-camera acting.

Also a good degree, working with students and faculty who are dedicated and in love with the art and craft allows you to move forward with much of the arsenal you need to weather the storms and succeed.

Any way you look at it , you need a positive mental frame of mind, good health and thick skin to make it in this industry.

So: Reframe, Never Give Up; Study; Learn and Grow.

Every individual is different, so honest one one on one career coaching is suggested for those seeking the general answer I have briefly touched on. A lot has to do with your economic resources, your geography, your health, your passion, your faith, you flexibility and the tools and talent you bring going into your decision making, and eventually career phases of your life.

And do not let your career or your job define who you are...

Best to all of you.

And keep a positive outlook on life.

Art Lynch
Lynch Coaching

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