Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Really successful companies (including Apple) were not started with the narrow focus of making money, but for passion and vision of the founders.

Off to a very slow start, but Lynch Coaching does fit the mold above.

Rob Cain is a professional at helping individuals, companies and government with crisis management, public affairs, public relations, motivaiton and organizational skills.

Laura Lynch, my wife, has a Masters in Social Work and a BA in Communication. As the owner of an advertising agency, she eared any awards in writing, production, and campaign execution. She is also highly skilled in a wide range of life coaching, therapy, business professional self marketing and communication. Her knowlege base and coaching skills willl amaze you. She is also very patient.

Don Brakeman is an experienced grand old gentleman of an actor, currently active in Shakespeare and film. His patience, knowlege and direction can help you as an actor, or as a businssperson. He has sales and management experience, as well as experience in the hospitality industry.

Tommy Perez is a talented musician, photographer, videographer, graphic artist and film maker. He can consult or work on any projects where his skills are needed, from headshots to director or photography, music score to weddings and special events.

James Campbull is a toy designer, artist, voice over talent, web designer. He will help in any creative need, and can help you get you creative juices going.

Michael O"Toole is a screenwriter, film maker, journalist, biographer and creative general sould. His approach may be off the wall, but he can and will deliver amazing results in working with you on projects. He is also a SAG-AFTRA actor.

I have always done my best to help, inform, train, teach and be there for others. Volunteerism and faith are at my core. I have the background to help beginner to advanced actors polish their skills and their craft, and work on their art. Anyone who would like to try our my services, feel free to contact me. Anyone who can help with a location and group of actors ready to advance, please keep us in mind (not a royal "us" , there are othes who may or may not be on our web site.

I also offer two decades of experience teaching and training professionals in every area and college students working toward degrees in public speaking, interpersonal communication, confidence, critical thinking and applying presentation skills in person or on video to their business and personal lives.

You will discover, and benefit from, the passion and vision of those involved with Lynch Coaching and be very glad you did.

You will also help the patient and slow paced starting phases of a company build for you, the client, actor, friend and for the future you will make possible.

Communication training for success

Acting, public speaking, Communication, confidence

Integrity. Honesty. Value. Trust. Quality. Personal Attention.
Exceed Expectations


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