Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 5: Your Footage / Demo Reel(s)

Your Footage: What to put on, who to target and how to submit your reel(s).

Hoo boy. You probably predicted this was coming. Yeah, I know... there's a lot of work involved in getting your tools in order -- and one of my favorite emails came from one of you badass ninjas saying, "You've given me an excuse for leaving the family conversations I'd prefer not to take part in. I just say, 'I have homework to do!' and out I go!" So... you're welcome. And here's day five.

The thing over which you have *most* control is your footage. Yup. Your headshots? You don't take 'em. Your resumé? It's built off work others booked you to do. But your footage? Dude. You can upgrade your footage in a weekend. No... that's not your homework. But, man, I never wanna hear you bitching about having NO REEL. This is totally fixable. Right now.

Today's work is all about ninja labeling of your footage -- broken up into clips -- at Actors Access (or wherever else you post your footage). Check out Blair Hickey's badassery (click the image to see his profile in action at Actors Access).

Check it. That's an *under* 90 second REEL, after having shared dozens of minutes of specific (and meticulously-labeled) footage. Sure, agents and managers want linear reels (so they can see all the ways to market you, in one quick vid), but casting directors want to know, "Do you solve the casting problem I'm having *right now*?" Clips answer that.

Your action item: Split out your footage into individual clips and label them with crazy specificity. If you don't have footage, great! Use your homework results from the past few days to write up what your dream footage will be! Then hustle to make that happen (again, you can knock it out in a weekend; I promise)!

Today's tweet: Ho! Ho! Ho! Footage is no longer on my wishlist. I know how to ninja it up, thanks to @BonnieGillespie and the #SMFAninjas!

Thrilled to be on this journey with you! Your hustle -- despite the "downtime" everyone else is taking -- is inspiring. Take a moment to be seriously proud of yourself for the progress you're making! Um... we're only halfway through!

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