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Why do I put 4 to 10 hours a day without pay doing this blog?

To help others.

No kidding.

I do believe in us and we not me and I.

The things we accomplish in life are not done in a vacume.

Others we work with, those who came before, those who taught us, those who we read or see or are influenced by all have a part in any accomplishment we achieve.

It is truly "us" and not "I", "we" and not "me.

The sum of the parts should be far greater than any individual.

I feel that SAGACTOR on Facebook, SAGACTORonline,com and my other blogs serve this purpose, bringing in links and contributors, resources and I hope wisdom. I do it myself, but the information comes from the many.

Always give credit where credit is due, and sometimes even when it is not. Egos are powerful tools. Do not look at another person's ego as competition. Look at them as a potential resource and friend.

As a reporter or a boss, I have always credited the work and contribution of others. On the local board of SAG I always credited the presidents (Dean Casper, Steve Dressler, Barbara Grand and others) and officers and my fellow council members for making things happen as a group, no individuals. I am also a past president of the Nevada Branch.

I see this as passing on what I come across, my experience and both news and information concerning a range of acting, media, film and entertainment industries.

I am in my 20th year serving at the national level as a board member of the Screen Actors Guild. As such I have chaired and am active in many committees that lead to up to date information on contracts, the industry, new media and a wide range of expertise.

I could not have served the membership of SAG-AFTRA if it were not for the local council, board, volunteers, friendships with Lollo Sievert, Karen LaVonne, Carlton and Perry Adair and others. It takes support and a team. Membership feedback and faith have been vital.

It has been an honor, since sixth grade, to know and be best friends with Rob Cain, now a retired Lt. Col US Army, who was based at the Pentagon, or Ed Luckett, retired USAF, a minister, life coach and business consultant. See our web page for their backgrounds. BA is in Speech, Theater and Mass Media. On the mass media side I studied under Harry Skornia and others who reshaped broadcasting and broadcast and broadcast news. I did public affairs on major Chicago station with a reach that was national at the time (50,000 and 100,000 watt AM, 100,000 watt FM and cycle syndication). My tuition was paid by working for John Wennstrom at a community radio station based at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, WUIC. Later I worked at WIND (Group W Westinghouse), for the Intermountain Radio Network/ABC, for various stations across the country in news, public affairs, programming, operations and as a talk host. In Las Vegas my experience ranged from KLAV with Jack London to K-news 970, ending with fifteen ears as the Sunday voice of Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) this past spring.

I have a Masters in Communication and a PhD in Education. I was short of an MA in Theater when my mentor and my chair both passed way the same term and UNLV failed to produce people to replace them so I could complete the degree on deadline. No matter, as I learned a great deal about areas of theater I have not worked on and was able to work on my craft.

My training is in speech and communication, which led in time to coaching business professionals and actors on public speaking, how to listen more effectively, how to get your ideas across, how to do publicity and self promotion. I have taught at the private, corporate, college and university level.

Theater goes without saying. Since 8th Grade I have been passionate about acting and theater, eventually not only acting, but directing, producing, working as an artistic director and launching theater groups. Las Vegas put the brakes on that, as teaching and making a living led to direct conflicts with doing theater, and in some cases film.

I learned how to film and edit at UICC, later reinforcing that with hands on work for Ted V Mikels here in Las Vegas. I worked as a production assistant, AD and various crew positions. I have diretected over 2000 commercials and projects, produced even more and written my share (although my wife Laura is the award winning copy writer).

My wife and I launched an advertising agency when my employer, Canyon Rent To Own, decided they would save money if they paid me the same to be "out of house". Twelve years of local and national clients, including handling the marketing for Dr. Lonnie Hammergren when he was successful dark horse come from behind run for Lt Governor. Lonnie, Bob McCaffery, Gary Gehrm and many others were the driving forces behind the campaign, and without Lonnie and his pasison all the advertising in the world would not have earned him his four years in office as Nevada's Lt. Governor. It was a team effort.

Teaching may seem a solitary profession, but without the students and those who mentor you, there can be no education. I obseved changes in who students are, attitudes, needs, priorities and feelings. I can write volumes on this, but let it be said that there is one constant...students deserve the best opportunties they can get. They need to be empowered and confident going into the world, as well as well read and well prepared. As indicated above, I teach college and university students on in formal classrooms and on-line .

i also coach and teach actors as young as 8 and as old as 84. Over the years I spent over a decade teaching full time for Kim Flowers, substituted in the Clark County School District (mostly for theater, but also other courses), and now teach for Sharry and Kevin Flaherty at Casting Call Entertainment and at a second school that prefer their faucluty remain professional and that the school itself be credited for the growth and success that comes from that school.

My wife, Don Brakeman, Tommy Perez, James Campbell and others have grouped together and are working hard to launch a coaching company that will do all that I have done and more. It takes a team and we have a good one. But we need marketing, sales and referrals for Lynch Coaching ( and

This is a cumulative effort to help others.

While it would be great if it grew into something big, all I am seeking now is a small start and money to make up for periods of time when I am not teaching or the major purchases we all face unexpectedly at times.

Seed money, marketing, building a client base are what we need.

I can assure you based on my lifetime of experience, adding the resources and track record of others involved, that we will get the job done and that clients will more than get their money's worth.

A location to teach even once a week would e useful.

An office we can share, rent once funds come in, someone to put those who need our services in touch with us are what we need.

The business has national or even international potential, or could remain one on one on a local community basis.

So why do i put 4 to 10 hours a day without pay doing this blog?

It may help business, but the blogs themselves do not bring in a dime, and are done out of love, passion and faith in others and those who can be helped or entertained or simply find the content interesting.

Your feebback is always welcome

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